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About Us

Operators are awaiting your call. At Air Beds Unlimited, we have a very Straight Forward Approach to Doing Business!  Simply, we will strive to provide you, our customers, the Best Air Beds, Air Mattresses, Adjustable, Electric, Bed Frames and Replacement Air Bed Parts, with the Best Customer Service, at the Guaranteed Best Prices!

All of our Products are Engineered, Designed and Assembled Here in the USA! 

WE ARE AIR BED SPECIALISTS!  When you buy your Ultimate Sleep System Air Mattress, Adjustable Bed Frames or Air Bed Replacement Parts from us, you can rest assured, that A COMPANY THAT HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 45 YEARS and on the Internet for 15 Years, BACKS YOU!  

We don't have to pay for all of their Extremely Expensive Overhead!   We don't spend over $160,000,000.00++* on all of those Sales and Marketing Expenses, such as TV Ads, Infomercials, Celebrities, Newspaper Print Ads/Inserts, Direct Mailers, Catalogs and CD's. (*July '17 SCSS, Quarterly SEC Report.) We  also do not have 550 (as per their website), Incredibly Expensive Mall Locations/Free Standing Stores and Thousands of Extremely Well Paid, Commissioned, Sales Personnel, so...

We Can Pass On The Savings,

And Not The Expensive Overhead,

To You! 



Our" A+"  BBB RATING is the Highest Possible Rating Available! 


A COUPLE WORDS OF CAUTION HERE:  Be Careful About Including Your Phone Number on Anyone's "FREE INSTANT PRICE QUOTE" Form!  That is unless, you don't mind being relentlessly hounded and harassed, by commissioned sales people, who will refuse to take "Let me talk it over with my ..... " or "think about it", as an answer! 

We find it interesting that some Air Bed "Dealers" have a return policy that is even longer than they have been in business, selling Air Beds!  What happens when these "Air Bed Dealers" start getting air beds returned in 60-90 Days, 9 months or in a year from now?  We have had customers who have received obviously refurbished beds from our competition, that were sold as new beds!  One Air Bed Company, out of FL, sells all of their returned beds on Amazon and in small print says they are refurbished/demo beds.  They don't have a showroom.  Are you, the consumer, willing to take that chance?  Incidentally, our return rate is extremely, extremely low, for the amount of beds that we sell (call for the return rate)!  


Here is a quote from the FDA Official Website, "the FDA DOES NOT "APPROVE" health care facilities, laboratories, or MANUFACTURERS.  Also, be careful about buying a bed where only one pump is offered.  Just because a pump has a Digital Readout, does not necessarily make it a good pump. ARE OF OUR AIR PUMPS ARE COMPRESSORS and NOT FLAPS!  Companies can offer you Very Under-Powered Pumps (flaps) and save themselves a lot of money. Air Pressure/Support Levels need to be measured scientifically (mm/Hg, eg.-blood pressure) and not PSI (Car Tires). All of our products are Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A. Also, if a company offers to "beat or match any competitor's mattress size and quality" it is like saying their "Pinto" is comparable to our "Cadillac" because they both have 4 wheels. Their "Quality" of Components is not the same or better, so don't be fooled by someone saying that they are, with nothing to back their words, except their Hyped Sales Pitch and "FAKE SALES".   Also don't be confuse when their internet ad says "China Made vs Us Manufacturer".  Their air chambers and our air chambers are both made in China.  There is no manufacturer in the US, that will manufacture Vulcanized Rubber Chambers, to our unique specifications.  Here is quote from their site "when our chambers arrive from overseas"...  All  of our Poly Foam products are independently certified by CertiPUR-US®.  Air Beds Unlimited is also listed as a "Certified Dealer" by CertiPUR-US®.  ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are DESIGNED, ENGINEERED, and ASSEMBLED HERE IN THE U.S.A.!   For over 45 Years, our Products have gone through rigorous development.  That's why we have always been a product driven company and not a marketing driven company.

Freight on all Air Bed Parts, Air Beds and Adjustable Bed Frame orders will Almost Always Be FREE. (Contiguous 48 States Only**).  Also, We are not Required to Collect Sales Tax, Unless You Live In The Beautiful State of Colorado.


We are very pleased to to announce that Air Beds Unlimited was chosen by the State Department, as the Exclusive Air Bed Mattresses offered for all of the U.S. Embassy Personnel's Housing, World Wide!  

Free Shipping**:

When you purchase your New Air Bed, Adjustable Bed Frame or Air Bed Replacement Parts from Air Beds Unlimited, SHIPPING WILL ALMOST ALWAYS BE FREE. (Lower 48 States)**  The usual delivery time, Pre Covid-19 Pandemic, from the time your order was placed, to delivery to your home, was normally within Approximately, 12-14 BUSINESS DAYS. Due to potential Supply Chain issues, caused due to this Pandemic, delivery times may very. We do everything in our powers to get you, your order, as quickly as possible!   Parts delivery times are usually, but not always, shorter.  "White Glove" Deliveries may take somewhat longer, as we have to coordinate delivery and setup, with our White Glove Partners.  We do not have to "Custom Order or Specially Make" your new Air bed, unless it is indeed a "Special Order or Size".   Rarely we may be out of a component, which may result in a delay (Covid-19)!    Foundations, adjustable bed frames and accessories will also be delivered free** with the purchase of your complete Ultimate Sleep System Air Bed

We will normally, unless there is a temporary back-order of a non-essential part or accessory, ship your Ultimate Sleep System Air Mattress in its entirety.  There are usually 1-4 Boxes.  If your Air Bed is shipped via a "Common Carrier or Truck Line" a shipping representative or scheduler will contact you, at least a day before your delivery, to schedule a convenient time for your order to be delivered and for someone to be present to Inspect The Boxes and sign a "Bill of Lading", noting if there is any outside damage to the boxes.  Normal Fed Ex Ground shipping does not schedule delivery times but Fed Ex Freight will.  Regular ground shipping, via a trucking company, is guaranteed to the curb only BUT most drivers will dolly your air bed to the nearest door or inside of the garage or car port. Customer's who give us their e-mail address will be notified how your order was shipped, with the corresponding Pro# or Tracking#.  If your order is shipped via a Truck Line, you will also be able to contact the Common Carrier directly.  Your e-mail address will never be revealed to any third party.  

Our Free Shipping Program is only Available In The Contiguous 48 States.  **If you live on an island, a military base or a very remote area (where a truck cannot maneuver), a partial shipping charge may apply.  If there are ANY unusual conditions regarding your delivery, please make sure and discuss those conditions with a representative.  For shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico or anywhere else, outside of the lower 48 States, please contact us at 1 866 925-3737 Ext. 3 or through our Contact Us Page, during our normal business hours of 8:00AM-7:00PM, Mountain Time, prior to placing your order.  We also cannot ship beds to standard USPS, P.O. Boxes, BUT We Are More Than Happy to Ship to APO/FPO/DPO Addresses!  Small parts, shipped via USPS, can be delivered to P.O. Boxes.  For an additional fee and to limited areas, we also offer a "White Glove" Delivery and Set-Up.  This service includes 1-2 delivery people who will unpack your Ultimate Sleep System Air Bed, do initial assembly and haul off all the product cartons (if you wish). The only thing you have to do is provide an empty space for your New Ultimate Sleep System Air Bed, to be set up.  The "White Glove" Service does not include furniture rearrangement, nor does it include removal of your old mattress.  Disposal service of your old mattress/box spring can be arranged, for an additional fee.  The White Glove Service may not be available in all areas We also offer a "Threshold Delivery"  which is "guaranteed" inside the front door. If you live in a remote area, please contact us prior to ordering "White Glove" or "Threshold" Delivery, so that we may discuss these service availabilities.   ALL SHIPPING COSTS (To AND From), on any orders that are refused or are cancelled after shipping has transpired, are the customer's responsibility, and will be deducted from the refund. 

At the time of your delivery, please check that there is no freight damage.  If you see any damage, tears, holes, bent corners or ANY Potential Freight Damage, NOTE IT ON THE "Bill of Lading" and ACCEPT THE SHIPMENT.  If you are concerned about accepting the shipment, Call Us Immediately!  In the extreme unlikelihood that damage is found, once the boxes are unpacked, contact us immediately!  

Order Cancellation and Parts Return Policy:

If an order is canceled after shipment or the shipment is refused upon delivery (other than refusal for freight damage), the customer will be responsible for All Freight/Shipping Charges to the customer and back to our return warehouse and a Mandatory 20% restocking fee.  This policy applies to all orders, including 'White Glove" orders and orders that qualified for free delivery.  Separate Parts orders are Not Covered under the 30 Night Sleep Trial Program.  Any returned accessories/parts, including but not limited to, Bed Legs, Air Chambers, Pumps, Comfort Layers, Perimeter Support Systems, Connectors, Massage Units, ChiliPads, Valves, etc., can also incur a 20% restocking fee, plus deduction of the the original freight charges that were paid by Air Beds Unlimited. Customer is responsible for any returned freight charges.  Please, before ordering parts for your air bed, contact one of our consultants to make sure our parts are compatible with your needs!   There will be no charge for orders that are canceled, via e-mail, in the first 24 hours after order placement and before the order has been shipped, unless an American Express Card has been used for payment.  American Express keeps all charges, even if an order has been canceled, prior to shipment!  Therefore, all fee's charged by American Express, will be deducted from the cancellation refund.  Any And All Cancellations Must Be Submitted In Writing, via e-mail, so that all parties have written documentation of the order cancellation and that all parties are aware of the terms of Air Beds Unlimited, cancellation policy.

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30 Night Sleep Trial:

Choosing a new Sleep System is one of the most important decisions one can make. After all, YOU SPEND 1/3 OF YOUR LIFE IN BED! When you have the quality of products that Air Beds Unlimited has, we can comfortably and without hesitation, offer our customers a true 30 Night Sleep Trial! 

Our 30 Night Sleep Trial is a good faith trial!  This means we will allow our customers to use our Air Beds for a maximum of 30 Nights but we expect the customers to use their Air Bed, in good faith, for the minimum of 20 Nights.  If you are expecting our Air Beds to immediately cure chronic physical problems or if you are not willing to give your New Air Bed and Body a minimum of 20 Nights to adjust, may we politely suggest, that you do not buy one of our Air Beds!

Our 30 Night Sleep Trial/Limited Return Policy is this: 

If after a Minimum of 20 Nights and no more than 30 Nights, the customer is not completely satisfied with their Air Bed Purchase, they may return the Air Bed, at the customers expense, to our 3rd party return warehouse in Denver, CO (see below) There will also be a minimal $75.00 return fee.  There is No 30 Night Sleep Trial on Parts, Accessories, Adjustable Bed Frames or "Special Orders".  After receipt and inspection of the returned items, the customer will be issued a refund, to their original form of payment.  You will not be deducted for the original shipping charges to you!*   

A natural question is, What is your Air Bed Return Rate?  Our Return Rate is Incredibly Low (A large, litigious, competitor questioned the return percentage we had posted, which incidentally was honest and accurate. Air Beds Unlimited was not going to substantiate, especially to a competitor, how many beds we sell! So, call us and we will be very happy to tell you.) We realize that there is no such thing as the perfect product for everyone. We also have Never Denied a Return Request, within the terms of our Return Policy!

Sleeping on an Air Bed is a unique experience and is quite different compared to sleeping on a conventional "Spring" bed.  So, we ask you, our customers, to please communicate, as soon as the need may arise, any concerns or questions that you may have about sleeping on your new Air Bed. (We recommend a minimum of 5-7 nights between firmness changes).  There is no "Magic Number" that your body will immediately find, although it can happen.  The majority of our customers, that have Digital Readouts, sleep between 20-25 mm/Hg, using our scientific settings.  Customers who have shoulder and/or hip issues normally find relief at between 15-20 mm/Hg, though everyone's needs are unique.  Our sleep consultants have been involved with our Air Bed Technology for Decades and we can help advise you, how to optimize our Air Beds, for any of your "Individual" needs. 

There are also NO Sleep Studies that show that the body needs an acclimation period of 4-6 weeks, to start feeling the benefits of a new sleep surface.  If the bed is properly adjusted and used correctly (5-7 nights between adjustments), your body will know within 30 Nights!  Why should you have to wait for 60-90-365 Days to return a product that does not work for you!  There is no advantage to you, the consumer, to have to wait for an extended period of time, to return a product that is not working for you!

**What is Not Covered Under

The 30 Night Sleep Trial/Return Policy** 

Adjustable, "Electric" Bed Frames, Wooden Foundations, RV Air Beds, Bed Legs, Accessories, Replacement Parts, Special Orders, Mattress Pads/Protectors, ChiliPads, Pillows, Linens, Massage Units, ForeverAire Guest, Sofa, RV Beds, all Free or Giveaway products (If you received a promotional product(s) with your purchase, the retail price on that item(s) will be deducted from your return credit), Incorrect Orders Placed by the Customer, Directly Thru Our Website, (In order to help minimize order/shipping mistakes, please inspect your e-mailed Sales Order Confirmation thoroughly and notify us of any errors or questions). "Special" Delivery Needs, "White Glove" and "Threshold" Delivery Charges are also Not Covered Under the 30 Night Sleep Trial/Return Policy and are therefore, NOT RETURNABLE OR REFUNDABLE.    

Order Return Process and Procedures:

No merchandise may be returned, without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).  No RMA's will be Issued or Considered, PRIOR to the 20 Night Minimum Sleep Trial Period or AFTER the 30 Night Maximum Sleep Trial Period.  The 30 Night Sleep Trial begins the first night you receive your new Air Bed.  It is the customers responsibility to contact Air Beds Unlimited, via e-mail, for the RMA, On or After the Minimum 20 Night Trial has concluded and On or Before the 30 Night Trial Deadline has Expired.  By corresponding a RMA request only via e-mail, all parties are aware in writing, of the requested return, the date of the request and the terms of the RMA.  The RMA will be issued within 7 BUSINESS DAYS of Receipt of the E-Mailed RMA Request.  Returns Must Be Received or In Route to our Return Warehouse (see return warehouse below), No Later Than 7 BUSINESS DAYS (weather permitting), after issuance of the RMA.  ALSO, ABSOLUTELY NO C.O.D RETURN SHIPMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT OR BY OUR RETURN WAREHOUSE!!   If a Bed is returned without a RMA or after the 7 Business Day Return/In Route Window, the return may be subject to an additional 30% Unauthorized Return Fee. (We had someone try to return a bed 7 months after the RMA was issued!  Also, weather and other considerations can be taken into account.) THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND PROVISIONS AFTER THE CUSTOMER HAS HAD THEIR AIR BED(S) FOR 30 NIGHTS!  After the initial 30 Nights, all product issues will be handled under the "Limited Full Warranty" provisions of the products.  It is the customer's responsibility to arrange return delivery, back to the return warehouse in Denver, CO (see below)!   That way there is no semblance of any conflicts of interest.  All returned merchandise must be, but not limited to, original, like-new condition, unsoiled, sanitary, hair (human and pet) free, smoke free, undamaged, unscratched remote controls and pump encasement's and packed in original cartons and packaging, with all the complete mattress tags in place.  A mattress pad/protector WILL NOT BLOCK SMOKE.  We would suggest that all returns be insured against loss and freight damage.  If a returned Air Bed is found to be freight damaged upon it's arrival, it is the customers responsibility to file any freight claims, that may be necessary.  The return warehouse will have noted any visible damage upon the return delivery.  All Returns Will Be Thoroughly Inspected, Upon Receipt, For Any Damage or Unacceptable Condition, Prior to a Refund Being Issued.  In the Extremely Rare Case, a returned product is found to be damaged/unacceptable (except freight damage), Specialty Sleep Services will provide complete documentation as to why, after the thorough inspection, the return was found to have been damaged or ruled unacceptable for return and why there will be no refunds for damaged/unacceptable parts of the return.

Return Warehouse:

Specialty Sleep Services

4785 Elati Street  Unit #2

Denver, CO 80216

Phone: 303 296-0953


Refunds for returns and cancellations will be issued to the original method of payment, within approximately 30 Business Days, after receipt at our third party return warehouse and after a thorough inspection. If an American Express Card has been used for payment,  American Express keeps all  merchant charges, even if an order has been canceled, prior to shipment!  Unfortunately therefore, all merchant fee's charged by American Express, will be deducted from the RMA refund or any other American Express refund.  This is not the case with any other type of credit cards.  We are more than happy to offer such a sleep trial because we manufacture a product that instills TRUE QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP. And because A COMPANY THAT HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS 44 YEARS BACKS YOU, we are proud to offer the following warranties.

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All of our Ultimate Sleep Systems Air Mattress cloth components have a Limited 5 Year Full, Warranty and an additional Limited 25 Year, Prorated, Warranty, against any defects in workmanship, manufacturing and materials. Our Air Chambers and Air Inflators have a Full 3 Year Warranty and a 25 Year Prorated Warranty. In Addition, we also offer a 30 Day Out Of Box Warranty on all components where there is no charge for the replacement part and we pay for the shipping, in both directions! Remember a warranty is only as good as the company behind it.   All of our Ultimate Sleep System Air Bed components have the following Factory Warranty.

Should there be a material defect that requires service during the first 5 Years, Air Beds Unlimited will repair or replace (at our option) the cloth/material products of your Air Bed, at no charge (freight charges will apply, except for 30 Day Out Of Box Warranty's).  The "The Healthy Vapor Barrier" is not covered under the terms of the Full/Limited warranties.  The limited, prorated warranty on the cloth/foam components of our Air Beds is 25 years.(freight charges will apply).   The Vulcanized Rubber, Air Chambers, Digital Ultra and S.Q. Air Inflators have a Limited Full 3 year replacement warranty and an extended, prorated, 25 year Limited Warranty (freight charges will apply, except for 30 Day Out Of Box Warranty's.)  If there is any warranty replacements within the first 30 days after your product is received, on any of our Air Bed components, there will be no charge for the replacement part and there will be No Shipping Charges, including a Pre Paid Return Label.   After the first 30 days and through the Limited Warranty Period, it is the customers responsibility to pay for the shipping charges, to and from our warehouse, for the warranted item. These shipping charges will include a Pre Paid Return Label, paid for by the customer.  Be aware that there is legally no such thing as a "Life Time Warranty".  If service is required from a defect after the Limited Warranty period and up to 25 year prorated portion of the warranty, Air Beds Unlimited will replace or repair (at our option) at a pro rata charge, based on the number of years in use, length of warranty and current cost of component replacement.  Again, it is the customer's responsibility to pay for all freight/shipping charges incurred with warranty replacement (except for the first 30 days). We do not require return of any component, after the Full Limited Warranty has Expired, so shipping would only be the shipping costs of the replacement part, to the customer.  If a part is replaced under the terms of the FULL LIMITED WARRANTY and the returned, warrantable part is found to be damaged or abused, upon inspection of our warranty department, it will become the customers responsibility to repair or pay for the damaged, returned part (e.g. (and not limited to); Chewed wires, crushed/broken remote controls, punctured air chambers, stains, etc.).  If that part is not repairable, e.g.: punctured air chambers, fried pumps, due to abuse or acts of god, it becomes the customers responsibly to pay for the prorated replacement cost, of the damaged part pus shipping. We very, very rarely receive returned, Full Warranted Products, that have been damaged or abused!   Not all of the warranty terms are outlined in this statement.  Complete explanations of all of Air Beds Unlimited Limited Warranties will be included with all Air Bed, Adjustable Frame and Parts orders.  Leggett and Platt will be responsible for all warranty needs for their products.  You original confirmation will serve as your official receipt, so we recommend that you save it for your future records. The Warranty/Sleep Trial Clock Starts On The Day the Product(s) Are Received By The Customer.   Please remember a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up.  We have been here on the internet, the past 15 years. Our distribution center has been around since, 1975. so we are here today and we will be here for you in the future!  

What will void this warranty?  Sale or transfer of the warranted product or component.  Misuse or abuse of warranted product or component.  Tampering with or opening the warranted product or component. Limitations:  Air Beds Unlimited reserves the right not to repair or replace any product or component if is returned in unsanitary condition.

Air Beds Unlimited, at their discretion, reserves the right to substitute material of equal or greater value.  Air Beds Unlimited reserves the right not to repair or replace a product or component that has been judged as normal wear and tear. What is not covered:  Acts of God, such as, but not limited to, lightning, a flood, tornado, fire, hurricanes, mud slides, etc.  Damage from misuse or abuse of the warranted product or component. Damage from tampering with or opening products or components are also not covered under any sections Limited FULL or Limited Prorated terms of our Warranties.

If a warranty or any other question should arise, we ask that you contact us immediately, either by phone(1 866 925-3737 Ext.2) or via e-mail.  Please have your original order number for reference or the date your Air Bed, Adjustable Frame(s) or parts were purchased, so that we may better serve you.

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*With the exception of the Series 4 Tanzanite Air Bed and prices posted on" Membership" Warehouse Stores Web sites, where the customer is required to pay a membership fee.  Air Beds Unlimited will not match any prices found on auction sites, as they cannot be verified.    Air Beds Unlimited reserves the right to refuse to match a competitor's price for any reason, at any time.       **The Vast Majority of our Air Bed Part, Air Beds and Adjustable Bed Frames are Shipped For FREE but there are certain exceptions regarding our "Free Shipping" Policy .  Some of these exceptions are, but not limited to: 1)  If you live outside of the contiguous 48 United States (HI, AK, Canada, Mexico, a Foreign Country, etc).  2) if you live in an area that has to be reached by a ferry or boat or on an island (e.g.: The FL Keys, WA. State Islands, etc.).  3)   A delivery point that cannot be reached by a delivery truck (e.g.: a narrow road, a overgrown driveway/road or an unimproved road). 4)  An area that has "Special Shipping Surcharges"(e.g.:Natural Disaster Areas).  5)  The Washington, DC area, where there are special "Homeland Security" charges. 6)  Some Military Installations.  If you have any questions about our "Free Shipping Policy"  or have "Special" delivery needs, please contact us at 1 866 925-3737 Ext. 2.  We have the ability to ship almost anywhere.



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