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 HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

Air Beds Unlimited, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Air Mattress Company, headquartered in Highlands Ranch, CO

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Compare Their Product To The

Sleep Number®, Select Comfort® Air Beds




For Our


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Thanks to the Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® Beds, Multimillion Dollar Advertising Campaigns and 425 Expensive Mall Locations All Over The Country, many more people are becoming familiar with The Advantages Of Sleeping On An Air Bed.

Somebody Has To Pay For Their Huge Overhead!

Why Should It Be You?


Although Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® Beds, makes a good product,

We Feel That You, THE CONSUMER, Deserve To See Why...










5 Year Limited Warranty


(Cloth Components)

(3-years for Air Chambers and 2-3 yrs  for Air Inflators, )

Plus Additional Prorated

Ltd. Warranty.



2 Year Full Warranty on all components, plus an additional 23 years of Limited, Prorated Coverage (customer responsible for all shipping charges to and from. (e.g.)Years 23-25, Customer is responsible for 96% of Original Purchaser's Percent of Product/Part Cost, plus all shipping charges.




"Sling Rail"


Foam Perimeter

(NO FOAM DOWN THE MIDDLE, OF OUR, DUAL CHAMBER BEDS.  CertiPUR-US® Foams are Independently Certified for LOW Emissions!)



4 Separate, Notched Pieces of Foam, PLUS a "Center Foam Wall" in their c2, p5 and p6, m6, i8 and i10 (S. N.'s own description from their owners manual), Running Between their Dual Air Chamber Beds. All Dual Chambers are now "Zippered" together.



Yes, all seams are Dual, Chemically Welded!

  Horizontal Tubes, with some internal baffling.




(Prevents moisture from "wicking" into the chamber compartment area)


"Select Comfort® has always treated parts of their Sleep Number® beds with an antimicrobial agent." (From the S.N. website.)









Sales Tax is Collected on All Purchases

except, where not legally required or

in states where there is no sales tax collected or S.N. does not have a retail presence!






Their "Modular Base" is Plastic and is

NOT Assembled, unless you get "factory setup". There are 6 pages of instructions

("Modular Bases" are not the Adjustable, Electric Bed Frames)


Yes, with Twist-N-Lock "CAM" Connectors that have built in Check Valves.

Yes, Vulcanized Chambers but their "Quick Connects" need "Closure Caps/Plugs" and don't have built in Check Valves.



Yes and NO

(100 nights on beds. None on LIMITED EDITION and CLEARANCE BEDS.)



Standard Ground Shipping is Free**



Very Personalized Service!

Large Corporation, which does not necessarily mean bad customer service.




Compare the Prices of Air Beds Unlimited
King Size Air Beds, Sets and

Adjustable Bed Frames

(other sizes are also available)

to those of
Sleep Number® , Select Comfort®
You WILL Save Hundreds $$$!


Comparable Series of Air Beds

No Sales Tax (except CO.) or Shipping Charges**!

S.N. Charges Tax on ALL Orders +$100 Shipping Charges to CA)

King Air Mattress Only

(Other sizes are also available.)

King Air Mattress and Foundation

(Our King & Queen, WOODEN, ASSEMBLED, Foundations Include

2 Free "Angel Silk" Pillows!)

Series 4 Tanzanite Air Bed

$1099.00 Plus Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

$1498.00 Plus Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

Select Comfort®,Sleep Number® c3


$1649.99 (sale price)

$2099.98 (sale price)

                                                             SAVE$700.99!                         SAVE $751.98!

Series 5 Spinel Air Bed

$1349.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials 

$1748.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® c4

$1899.99 (sale price)

$2299.98.98 (sale price)

                                                             SAVE $500.99!                        SAVE $551.98!

Series 6 Sapphire Air Bed


$1699.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

$2098.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

Select Comfort®  Sleep Number® p5

$2299.99 (sale price)

$2699.98 (sale price)

                                                            SAVE $600.99!                        SAVE $601.98!

Series 7 Ruby Air Bed

$1999.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

$2398.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

      Select Comfort®, Sleep            $2799.99 (sale price)           $3199.98.98 (sale price)

            Number® p6  

                                                             SAVE $801.99!                        SAVE $801.98!

Series 8 Emerald Air Bed

$2299.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

$2698.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials

Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® i8

$3799.99 (sale price)

$4198.98 (sale price)

                                                              SAVE $1500.99!                      SAVE $1500.98!


Series 9 Diamond Air Bed


$2699.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials


$3098.00 Before Additional "OFFLINE" Specials


Select Comfort® Sleep                $5299.98 (sale Price)            $5748.99 (sale price)

         Number®  i10

                                                             SAVE $2600.99!                  SAVE $2650.98!



We have been continuously involved, since the 1980's, in the development and improvement of our Air Beds!



Sleep Number®




All of our Air Mattresses come Standard with our Exclusive "Sling Rail" Perimeter Support System. Our  the two side rails are separately connected as well as our our head and foot rails, with a thin layers of durable nylon cloth.  Our "Sling Rail, Perimeter Support System" also eliminates any gaps, spaces, holes or "caved in feel", down the middle of our Air Beds.  The "Sling Rails"support the entire integrity of the air mattress and are one of the major differences, that helps make our Air Beds superior.  As an added benefit, our "Sling" rail support system, helps make our Air Bed Assembly very easy!



4 Separate Foam rails that are attached by notched corners.   They then have a "Foam Wall", (S. N.'s description, not ours) down the middle, of their zippered, dual chambers beds. 

Our Vulcanized Rubber, Air Chambers have layers of Rubber that runs vertically, every 6 to 8 inches, within the horizontal tubes. Like all of our Seams, the I-Beams are also Dual Welded/Bonded.   Our DUAL WELDED (no glues or adhesives) "I-Beamed" Design gives you much better support from side to side and from head to foot.  These "Baffled"(tiny holes in the I-Beams)

compartments prevent the air from rushing to a point of least resistance (your head, feet or sides), helping to eliminate any "Gaps", "Holes", "Spaces" or "Caved In" feel, between the  two chambers.  Other Air Bed "Experts", and not necessarily Select Comfort®/Sleep Number® who do not have access to this technology and don't want to pay for it, may try to convince you that this technology is not that important!  We allow our customers to use their own common sense!


Horizontal baffles that are stacked on each other.

Fully Assembled, Real Wood Foundations.  The fabric on the foundation will match the series of air bed that you purchase.


NOT Assembled and Plastic. Customers can pay extra for assembly. 


Our Air Chambers are almost 90 Degrees on the edges and are held tightly together with our"Sling Rail" Perimeter Support System.  Our Air Chambers" Butt" right up to one another and don't have a recommended "Foam Wall" in the middle.  NONE of our Air Beds have a need for a "Foam Wall" Support or a "Motion Divider."

They have 4 Separate Pieces of notched foam, along the perimeter of their beds.  S.N. then provides a "Foam Wall", (S. N.'s description, not ours) that is recommended be placed, between their Zippered, Dual Air Chamber beds.



*Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are Registered Trademarks. Air Beds Unlimited does not sell the Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® brand and WE ARE IN NO WAY AFFILIATED with the Select Comfort® corporate entity!  The information on this site, with regard to Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® is for comparison purposes only. Price and Product comparisons are from the selectcomfort.com/sleepnumber.com web sites and are subject to change, without notice.  **The Vast Majority of our Air Bed Shipments are Shipped For FREE but there are certain exceptions regarding our "Free Shipping" Policy .  Some of these exceptions are, but not limited to: 1) if you live in an area that has to be reached by a ferry or boat or on an island (e.g.: The FL, Keys, WA. State, etc.).  2)   A delivery point that cannot be reached by a delivery truck (I.E.: a narrow  or overgrown driveway or an unimproved road).  3)  An area that has "Special Shipping Surcharges"(I.E.:Natural Disaster Areas).  4)  The Washington, DC area, where there are special "Homeland Security" charges.  5)  Some Military Installations. 6)  Locations outside of the Continental US, lower 48 states.  If you have any questions about our "Free Shipping Policy"  or have "Special" delivery needs, please contact us at 1 866 925-3737 Ext. 2.  We have the ability to ship almost anywhere.



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 HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime. Air Beds Unlimited, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Air Mattress Company, headquartered in Highlands Ranch, CO
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