Air Beds Unlimited

Air Beds Unlimited is a 18+ Year Old, Online Retailer, that specializes in the sale of fully adjustable air beds, air mattresses, adjustable, electric bed frames by Leggett and Platt, as well as Full Time Use, Air Bed and Air Mattress, Replacement Parts and Accessories.  In fact our Ultimate Sleep System, Number Air Beds are among the most comfortable and affordable mattresses in the bedding industry.   Plus, We Offer FREE SHIPPING, to almost any location*, within the continental United States and we are not required to collect SALES TAX, except for here in Beautiful Colorado or in Sunny Florida.

Free Shipping from Air Beds Unlimited    Click Here For Air Beds Unlimited!

When our customers order one of our air beds, they are almost never charged for shipping, if the products are to be delivered to one of the 48 contiguous states*.  Our customer service representatives are happy to assist those customers who live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico or Internationally, in making special delivery arrangements.

All of our airbeds are promptly shipped, directly to you, from our warehouses in Denver, CO. or Clearwater, FL.   In addition to our Free Shipping, we are not required to collect sales tax on customers orders. (That is, unless you reside in the beautiful states of Colorado or Florida.)   We're happy to cover shipping charges, in order to make our air beds affordable for everyone.

Our generous warranties are another feature that distinguishes Air Beds Unlimited from other air bed distributors.   For instance, the current market leader for air beds sales only offers a Limited/Full Warranty for two years.   We, on the other hand, offer a Limited/Full Five-Year Warranty, on all of our cloth components, with a Prorated/Limited up to 25 Years.

Passing the Buck

No, Air Beds Unlimited does not own flashy storefronts (Mall Locations) or brick and mortar buildings, with expensive, highly paid, commissioned sales personel, nor does it run incredibly expensive commercials on television, on the radio or in magazines and newspapers. We also don't have the CD'S or slick, mail out brochures. By cutting out these significant operating costs, we save ourselves and subsequently our customers, a huge amount of money. Nothing makes us happier than to be able to pass these savings on to our customers.   For the best in quality and comfort in Air Beds, Air Mattresses, Adjustable Bed Frames by Leggett and Platt and Full Time Use, Air Bed Replacement Parts, Air Beds Unlimited is your number one choice!



*Some exceptions are, but not limited to: 1) If you live in an area that has to be reached by a ferry, boat or plane or on an island (e.g.: The Florida Keys, Washington State Islands, Ferries, etc.).  2)   A delivery point that cannot be reached by a delivery truck (e.g.: a narrow  or overgrown driveway or an unimproved road).  3)  An area that has "Special Shipping Surcharges"(e.g.:Natural Disaster Areas).  4)  The Washington, DC area, where there may be special "Homeland Security" charges.  5)  Some Military Installations.