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Series 7, Ruby Air Bed Reviews for the product - Series 7, Ruby Air Bed (Back to product)
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Hi all, just a little letter of appreciation that you can post on your site if you like.

- 21st February 2019

We just purchased a 7 series bed and we are very satisfied with the product and all our communications with Air Beds Unlimited. The bed was easily assembled and has met and exceeded all our expectations. The free upgrades, dust mite cover and pillows is impressive and appreciated. We both agree that we sleep much better and especially my wife who has a degenerative back condition. We tested the sleep number bed and agree yours is a superior product because of the air cell design, perimeter foam and air pump. Before we decided to order your product I resourced the internet and found only one complaint, and it was about shipping, plus the fact that you are the only A+ rated B.B.B member. I was very nervous about spending this much on a product that I have never seen or tested, but rested at ease there was noting to be nervous about. All I can say is I am very happy we decided to go with your product and saved more than half the cost compared to the competitors not to mention the superior product and guarantee. I would some it all up and say that it was a resounding success of a purchase.

Sincerely, Dennis and Mary L. Mesa AZ

Really Like This Bed

- 30th November 2018

Thank You for taking the time to discuss the differences of your beds. We did a lot of homework and we are glad we did. Will recommend to others!

You Know Your Products!

- 18th October 2018

Thank you for all of the time you spent with myself and my husband. You made this buying experience very positive! We love our new Air Bed and will be recommending you to our friends and family.

Stephanie T, Boston, MA

Thank you again Air Beds Unlimited for a quality product and Gold Medal Service.

- 12th October 2018

Customer Service, Air Beds Unlimited

This is an unsolicited response about my experience with Air Beds Unlimited. You have my permission to duplicate, print or display this response or any portion of it providing the intent of the original contents remains intact.

My wife and I have been sleeping on airbeds for over 5 years. Before that, we tried a waterbed for a few years. Heating was a major issue; she likes the bed hot, I like the bed to be cool. While it gave a comfortable sleep, bounce was a major issue and changing sheets a major task. From there we went to a $900.00 mattress with a prorated warrantee for 25 years. After 2 years, the mattress innersprings lost their temper and the bed sagged miserably. That's when we discovered that that warrantee was only good for credit towards a new mattress. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me.

We heard about air mattresses from a popular manufacture but could not afford $1,500.00 price tag at the time. We opted for medium quality airbed we found on the internet. The product quality was acceptable, and was fantastic to sleep on. The price was less than $500.00. It had a few issues with its design. The mattress was tubular in construction and I could bounce the wife out of bed if I plopped myself on the mattress while she was sleeping. The other drawback was the Air Pump. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. Fortunately, the bed held air pressure and only had to be adjusted every two or three months. It sold us on air beds and we started to save a little money at a time so we could purchase a quality mattress that was not tubular in construction and an air pump that did not sound like a 747 taking off when filling the mattress.

My wife and I wanted a king size, dual chamber, airbed with a thickness around 11 inches. The mattress chambering construction was to self adjust to the body without rolling you out of the bed. We absolutely did not want a tubular or dimple welded inner chambers. The air pump needed to be external on the floor and reasonably quite.

Searching the malls and internet, the most popular air mattresses that met our requirements were in the range of $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 plus shipping and handling. Considerably more than what I wanted to pay.

And then we found Air Beds Unlimited! Everything we wanted delivered to the door for less than $1,500.00. What sold me on Air Beds Unlimited was the quality of the Air Mattress. The material and construction appeared to be industrial strength compared to anything else on the market. Chamber design was exactly what I was looking for. The sides were tubular around the edge to protect the foam side and for easy access when getting in or out of the bed, and the inside was composed of small square sections ported to contour to the body and isolate movement on the mattress.

My first "oh-oh" happened after I placed my order. I received conformation of the order and my bank account was debited the full amount. I was expecting a delivery date and conformation of shipping to follow. Three days later, no conformation. This brought me to a Saturday when I decided to call the help number to find out what was going on. To tell you the truth I was getting a little uneasy. I got the standard I'm busy now, leave a message, don't call again, well call you message. I lost my temper and hung up. I was not going to talk to recorder. I had it in mind to try again Monday and see if I could talk to a person. Thank God for caller ID. As I got up and started to leave the room, the phone rang. I was completely taken back to find out that Air Beds Unlimited Customer Service would call back and find out why I called and hung up. Michel introduced himself, answered all my questions and popped me an email with all the pertinent shipping information. We talked about the airbed for about 30 minutes. It turned out that Michel was very knowledgeable about the construction and manufacturing processes of the mattress and air pump. I was reassured that I was dealing with a reputable company that was going to deliver a quality product. I have never experienced tier one support from any company that even comes close to Air Beds Unlimited. This was gold metal service beyond industrial norms.

The airbed was delivered as scheduled. All parts and components arrived safely without any apparent shipping damage. My wife and I assembled the bed the next day. The instructions were clear and concise. The Air Mattress was industrial strength fiber reinforced for heavy-duty use. Chambering and construction was everything I wanted and hoped for in the mattress. The bed inflated properly and came time to install the pillow-top. I really liked the way the mattresses and controls connected to the air pump. The pump noise level was a quiet "putt-putt" that was more than acceptable. Definitely it was considerably more quite than our old airbed's pump.

The pillow top had a tear in the zipper backing that would eventually spread anytime the top was removed for cleaning. I had a 30 day time frame to return the product and decided to wait a week or so to see if there were any other issues with the bed.

The bed is fantastic and lives up to its advertized claims. I could not ask for a better mattress. When you change sleeping positions, you can feel the bed chambers adjust to the body contours then it is pure comfort. I can now get in or out of bed without disturbing the wife no matter how I plop myself into bed.

I contacted Michael about the pillow top and was offered a new top as soon as I provided a picture of the defect. The issues was handled very professionally without any hassling or objections. The replacement pillow top arrived � Air Beds Unlimited paid all shipping and handling costs. All issues were satisfactorily resolved. To my surprise, I got a call from the factory manager inquiring about the pillow top. Rick was very informative and we discussed quality issues and the processes in place at the manufacturing plant in Denver Colorado. Again, I was impressed about the knowledge and concern about customer satisfaction and the willingness of a company to step up to the plate and make things right. This is very different from companies who outsource their manufacturing and services. I have no hesitation in recommending Air Beds Unlimited. I give them 5 out of 5 because of the quality of the product and superior customer service.

If I had to change anything in the product, it would be the pump controls. I love the memory button it is a quick check and reset when playing around with the firmness levels. The Auto fill button should require two buttons to be depressed to activate. (This would be a simple software change in the firmware.) In the middle of the night, if you press the wrong button and hit auto-fill you will be in for a wild ride until it stops. I also like the Left-Right position of the LED on the control. It makes it easy to identify which control goes where. The most irritating thing about the control is getting the LED to illuminate at night. You have to grope for the control then depress a button. When the LED does turn on, it is blinding. My preference would be to have the control buttons backlit at all times with the brightness level at a comfortable glow. With LEDs, you can leave the lights on 24-7 and be good for 25-30 years. Despite all this, I love the product and it has exceeded all my expectations. I'm looking forward to many carefree years of peaceful sleep. Thank you again Air Beds Unlimited for a quality product and Gold Metal Service.

D. Pellegrini, Marcola, OR

Great Service!

- 10th October 2018

I have to say that I am really happy with my bed. I had a minor warranty problem that was taken care of immediately. Thank you for standing behind your products!

Travis J. Middletown, OH

We saved a bunch!

- 30th September 2018

We compared your bed to the Sleep Number p6 and found your bed to bed a much better value. We have been sleeping on your Air bed for almost a month and wouldn't give it up for anything!

Kevin H. Denver, CO

A Really Nice Bed

- 22nd September 2018

We are very happy with our purchase and will tell our friends!

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